A villa holiday can help keep you safe

There seems to be continued demand for villa letting despite Covid 19 worries.

A villa holiday gives guests the opportunity to take their entertainment within the confines of their own private space and thereby reduce the risk of Covid 19 contact.  Of course you can still explore the area surrounding yur villa according to your choice.  We know guests like this flexibility from a villa holiday regardless.  In the current climate however with Covid restrictions, guests are still looking to take their holidays in Spain and enjoy the sunshine and lifestyle, but more within the confines of their villa accommodation.

What are people looking for in a good villa holiday; a holiday where they might leave the villa on only very few occasions?  This depends to some extent on the time of year your guests will be staying, but if it is for the main summer vacation, then clearly a spectacular and private pool area is a must.  Especially for young children, the thrill of waking up every day to their own swimming pool forms timeless memories.

As most of your meals will probably be taken inside the house, a well-equipped kitchen and BBQ area helps people to prepare memorable meals and after all the Mediterranean lifestyle does centre around eating food together.

There again, for the household chefs we do know that cooking and preparing your own food whilst on holiday is not for everyone and interestingly, we are finding people want more access to good quality take away food.  Paella for example bought to the house ready to be served from the pan is increasingly popular.  So make sure your guests have all of the information to access to the best take away restaurants and services.

When you are not swimming and sunbathing, other forms of entertainment are necessary so make sure your villa comes with a selection of board games, cards, dice etc and if you have the space we find the Pool Table, Table Football, Table Tennis and Petanque are popular with our guests.

For adults and children alike, access to the internet is essential and even allowing for slower internet speeds in some areas of Spain, it is important that you can access the internet around the house.  Internet access is even more Important than TV today as most programmes can be streamed from a smart phone or tablet and projected through the TV in the villa.

The sun is great but people also need to take to the shade every now and then.   If you don’t want to go inside, then a nice shaded spot in the garden where you can enjoy a quiet chat over a coffee or just read a book can be heavenly.


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