2020 : The Year of Corona Virus

With no letting business for the villa of any note for a couple of years we were unable to commit to any further improvements for 2020.  Towards the end of 2019, when we would have normally considered such work, I was diagnosed with cancer and fortunately had a successful operation to remove the cancer on 27th December 2019.  Thankfully, as far as I know I am still cancer free at the time of writing this post in August 2020.

Having had a bit of a lull, to say the least, in villa lettings over the past couple of years, and having now successfully obtained our licensia turistica, we had hoped for a real boost to the business for the 2020 holiday season.  Then Covid 19 came along.

The devastating impact of the Corona Virus Crisis has affected the way we all now live our lives in many ways.  It has had a significant effect upon the tourism and travel industry as individual countries seek to control transmission of the virus through restricting the movemnet of their citizens and in turn those operating within the villa rental business have had to be very flexible in order to accommodate last minute changes to holiday plans.  Las Parras has had to re-let, due to cancellations and the need to re-schedule trips due to quarantine measures, some of our availability three times already.  It has been a very strange year.

On the plus side, we have received our first guests from Spain and the Netherlands.  We have discovered two new villa rental channels :

https://www.simplyowners.net/villa-rentals-moraira-spain/p/55333/  and


who clearly are attracting a lot of interest from people all over Europe and further afield who want to enjoy the benefits of a villa holiday in Spain.   In some respects a villa holiday offers real advantages to holiday makers as it reduces the need for social distancing providing of course that you minimise time outside of the villa during the course of your stay.  I will post more on this point later.



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